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Experience Means Success for Your Project.

A Successful Project is one that comes in on time, on budget,
and fulfills the expectations of the owners.

Hawaii Hotel Consultants, is therefore the most experienced and premier provider of hotel renovation services in the State of Hawaii. Their long reputation of excellent service, of highest ethical standards in their business dealings, of work ethic and of can-do, hands on approach to Projects, is what brings your Project in on time and on (or under) budget.

HHC’s specialties include:

Outstanding renovation services while a hotel/condo property remains open, operating at full tilt, with guests in all but the units being renovated. Condo Units are out of order for the shortest possible  time, thus creating the least impact on Owners income.

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 Buying power which, resulting from years of negotiating and purchasing hotel products in great quantities, as well as coping with the challenges of international shipping into Hawaii, has given HHC a prime advantage over competitors, whom are both relatively new to the State or new to the hospitality industry here, as well as having no hands-on hotel operating experience.

HHC is Hawaii’s only One-Stop answer to your hotel /condo-hotel renovation needs.

Hawaii Hotel Consultants - On-site Project ManagementDesign & Planning  * Resort Hotel & Condominium Use * Unit Assessment & Evaluation * Value Engineering & Competitive pricing * FF&E and OS&E Procurement * Energy Saving Solutions * Shipping, Expediting, Tracking * On-Site Project Management * Coordination With Hotel Staff  * Consult / Collaborate with Hotel Owners * Full-Service Purchasing * Installation Management * Photography Consultation * Franchise / Flag Management & Compliance * Budgeting & Cost Accounting

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